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Flockbook Project
Fleece Color Terminology

Here are some fleece color descriptions that have been used so far. The leading D or L denotes the sheep's phase: Dark or Light. Feel free to suggest additional terms that you think need to be added. There are sure to be colors out there that need additional terms.  By the same token, some of these terms may overlap.  Your feedback is appreciated.

Category Descriptor Comment
Dark Phase Colors    
  D - Light Brown  
  D - Medium Brown  
  D - Black & Copper Resembling Doberman Pinschers
  D - Mahogany  
  D - Russet  
  D - Dark Brown  
  D - Black These animals are expected to be self-colored
Light Phase Colors    
  L - Tan  
  L - Light Brown  
  L - Blonde  
  L - Buff  
  L - Reddish Blond  
  L - Chocolate These animals are expected to be self-colored