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January 2021

Important Notice – Please Read

This is not the usual yada yada

After a dozen years of entering literally thousands of Soay sheep, both the authentic “British” or “RBST” Soay and the composite “American Soay,” we have decided to modify how we enter births, transfers, and deaths. These changes will bring our procedures in line with those of the majority of breed organizations.

From now on, we will enter all your lambs, transfers and deaths once a year. We think June is the best month in which to do this work so that we will capture all of that year’s lambing. Once the data has been input, we will update the online listing and email Certificates for new lambs as PDF files.

Each year we will post a reminder in May via the OFP website and social media that lamb data and flock update data (transfers and deaths) need to be submitted no later than the end of June in order to be included in the current database update.

By way of reminder, you will need to send us

  1. The name, sex, date of birth, single/twin status, mother and father of each lamb born on your farm since the last time you submitted lamb data.
  2. An updated flock list showing all transfers and deaths for the prior year and which Soay you still own. We can provide you with a list of what animals we currently show for your flock if you give us a couple of weeks’ notice in May.

The online database currently documents over 3210 American Soay and over 2716 British Soay. As far as we can tell, all British Soay born in the US or Canada from 1990 through 2020, including some which have not been registered with the RBST, are included.

The OFP website and its various pedigree search and other functions have been and will remain open to all.

Thank you for your participation in the Open Flockbook Project.

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