The Open Flockbook Project
Documenting Soay Sheep in North America
On-Line Pedigrees etc IDGR Registered Soay Sheep

Welcome to the Open Flockbook Project, a collection of Soay sheep pedigrees launched in November 2004 and which now includes the ancestries of almost six thousand Soay sheep born in the US and Canada since about 1990.

We recognize the generally accepted distinction between the two kinds of Soay sheep to be found on this side of the Atlantic.

As of January 2021, the database documents over 2700 British Soay and over 3200 North American Soay.

By means of the “Pedigrees, etc” button above, you may examine the pedigree, reverse pedigree, and breeding history of any animal in the database, and you may create test breedings for any Soay sheep you own.

If you are considering buying sheep represented by the seller to be “Soay”, “British Soay”, “Registered” or whatever, you may be able to verify any such claims by checking here.

If you wish to enter your lambs in the database, you will need to send us the name, sex, date of birth, single/twin status, mother and father of each lamb born on your farm since the last time you submitted lamb data. We also will work with you to update your complete flock list to reflect any sales or deaths since the last time you checked in with us.

Once we have entered your lambs and updated your flock, we will email nice-looking Pedigree Certificates in PDF format for your new lambs and any Soay you have purchased. If you sell any of your Soay and want us to send Certificates to the new owners, let us know.

Thank you for your participation in the Open Flockbook Project. Please feel free to contact us with questions.